I have a Dream book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. I have a Dream is the story of 20 idealists who think and act like. I Have a Dream book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. I Have A Dream is the story of 20 idealists who think and act like entrepre. Read I have a Dream book reviews & author details and more at ramblipetasga.ml Rashmi Bansal is a writer, entrepreneur and a youth expert. She is the author of.

I Have A Dream Book By Rashmi Bansal

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Read I Have a Dream book reviews & author details and more at ramblipetasga.ml Rashmi Bansal is a popular and young entrepreneur, author and a youth expert. For a generation thriving on relentless pursuit of selfish goals, Rashmi Bansal's “I have a Dream” comes as a reminder that life is much more. I HAVE A DREAM By Rashmi bansal Presented By: Shrutika Sinha; 2. The author has started the book with such inspiring words from Martin.

Aug 07, Vismay rated it liked it. We- the aam junta- have developed a think skin, regarding the dismal condition that this country is ailing from. For long, the Pachyderms inside our minds have developed and trained a larynx so strong enough that it can handle continuous complains, jeers, bickering, shouts and cusses about the dire state the country is suffering from without developing any strain at all.

There are some, like us, who like to whine about it, while there are others who actually do something about it. It is a belief long held by the guys from I. This is her third book, which, in the similar vein as the previous two tells the life-tales of the guys who roughed it out, following their hearts, ultimately fulfilling their dreams and long held aspirations.

She had made it her ultimate goal to inspire youths through words. Not only does she etch out bestsellers, she is an owner of a vibrant and fun filled youth oriented magazine J.

Just Another Magazine , which is quite a rage among the youngsters.

I think you would enjoy it, I did. Nothing is too big, nothing so larger than life that it is insurmountable. After all they did it… Nov 17, Poonam rated it it was ok.

I have a Dream – Rashmi Bansal (Book Review)

The stories are inspiring, no doubt. But the disconnect for me was: The inspiration comes from their desire to 'do good'. Nov 23, Geo Raju rated it liked it. Aug 02, Anandh Sundar rated it really liked it. Fair disclosure: The book has inspring stories and first person interviews without seeming like a hagiography. The book is worth digesting. Don't be put off by the slightly cheap paper quality, look beyond that!

Aug 28, Jaimit Doshi rated it it was ok Shelves: Dec 09, Vaibhav Vats rated it did not like it. Don't judge the book by my ratings.

This book is comprised of several short stories of people who have contributed to the world and society. I am fiction fan and bought it on title that is fancy. Din't like it at all. I don't like such real life stories. M sorry author. Sep 16, Sugan rated it it was ok.

Reading success stories is not always inspiring: It's kind of irritating for a guy who does't know Hindi Aug 12, Sameer rated it liked it. Incredible stories of real people People are awesome, doing mind blowing work Jun 21, Vijay rated it really liked it. Again Rashmi delivers with excellent book Jan 16, Madhur Shrimal rated it really liked it. A nice book to get inspired for innovation.

Jul 09, Mayank Joshi rated it liked it. It is an inspiring book that sheds light on various aspects of entrepreneurship and talks about how one can overcome the various hurdles that come along with it. The in-depth research and griping narrative make this book an engaging read. This book has been written by Rashmi Bansal.

Book Review: I Have a Dream by Rashmi Bansal

Definitely in my "must have" list that every youngster should possess I have a Dream Again - the English is not the best. But, still communicates the message. If we can leave the critics apart and learn from the social transformation achieved by these 25 people - we will be looking at creating a better world for tomorrow..


Mar 19, Fatema rated it it was amazing. Well, the first thing that I want to do is to congratulate the author for such an insightful and eye opener book.

It was the first time that I read a book on social entrepreneurship. There are a lot of books covering stories of successful entrepreneurs, but I doubt if there are even ten of them covering social entrepreneurs basically people with such strong messages to give to society. My take away from this book is simply how effective a thought for humanity could be.

Just a thought could trans Well, the first thing that I want to do is to congratulate the author for such an insightful and eye opener book. Just a thought could transform lives of so many and give them hopes.

See a Problem?

One thing that I am very well convinced about is that education is an answer to a lot of problems. But yes, talking about it and doing something about it are two different things.

I again want to thank Ms. Rashmi Bansal for this excellent book. The people about whom I got to know are definitely extraordinary. I am glad I read this book: Sep 17, Sharang Limaye rated it liked it.

The stories are inspirational, the writing not so much. There are some extraordinary individuals featured in 'I Have A Dream'. Bansal's penmanship, however, fails to do justice to them.

What should have been rousing tales of generosity and compassion are reduced to mundane newsmagazine-sort-of articles. Still, the effort in compiling this book is worth lauding.

To Inspire is Incredible.

Publications eulogizing the super-rich, super-successful are a dime a dozen. People who have devoted their lives to altruistic causes ha The stories are inspirational, the writing not so much. People who have devoted their lives to altruistic causes hardly find a place in the public consciousness. The book chronicles the lives of twenty people, who took a step towards bringing happiness in the lives of millions, but not in the usual charitable ways.

They took the ideals of a business complete with profit motive and turned them into tools of betterment of the society.

In her usual inimitable style of writing, she describes the different obstacles that the twenty entrepreneurs braved to stay on their chosen path. Rainmakers is about social enterprises which generate revenues but where profit is not the primary motive.

This section has some very interesting stories behind enterprises which have taken the object of doing good and has built a successful business around it.

Some of the stories which left an impact on me are the ones about Bindeshwar Pathak, the man behind Sulabh International who despite being a Brahmin himself had the compassion to do something for the scavengers, Sumita Ghosh who established Rangsutra after her husband was murdered by the ULFA terrorists and changed the lives of rural women, Anand Kumar, the Maths tutor of Super 30 whose tenacity had seen all 30 of the poor, meritorious students of his class crack the IIT JEE in and Druv Lakra of Mirakle Couriers which employs only deaf people.

Their stories, along with the others in this section like Conserve India, Aavishkaar Social Venture Fund, DesiCrew, Spiti Ecosphere, SELCO, Pipal Tree and Project Chilka have been narrated by the author in such vivid description that they are sure to tug your heart and inspire you to reach out to the underpriviledged masses just like them.

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Bansal's 'I Have a Dream' to Have 20 Inspiring Stories

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I have a dream,.Having said that, the stories were were very surface level and lacked working structures of mentioned institutions or ample of examples of how they averted crises and their takeaway, or even enough background of how the initiatives started. Books by Rashmi Bansal.

But these are mere nitpickings in an otherwise engaging, competent third part in the entrepreneurship series of books by the same author. But, still communicates the message. The ever famous in fact so famous that it was covered by NatGeo Superkitchens Akshaya Patra is a story as vividly inspirational as the other.