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As part of my MA thesis on Hittite concepts of sex and gender, written under his careful and meticulous supervision, I examined the contents of the Hittite Laws relating to sexual matters. It therefore gives me great pleasure to contribute this summary of the fruits of that study to this volume in his honour. Introduction What did the Hittites say when they spoke about sex? What expressions, terms and phrases did they use when referring to sexual issues?

And in what way might consideration of these questions yield answers which might improve our understanding of Hittite society, culture and thought?

The current paper surveys phrases and terms with sexual connotation in the Hittite Law Code. The lexical and contextual analyses are meant to serve as a means toward an improved understanding of the concepts surrounding sex in Hittite society, and thereby an increased comprehension of Hittite culture as a whole. It should be stressed, however, that this paper does not present an overall study of Hittite terms pertaining to sexual matters.

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Its aim is more modest, as it focuses mainly on assessing the language of the Hittite Laws dealing with sexual issues. The methodology applied here is intended to examine the nature of these laws by analysing several characteristic key-terms and discussing the semantics of select terms within these specific laws.

Naturally, the conclusions drawn from this analysis are limited to the laws alone, and are not necessarily applicable to the wider context of the Hittite language in general. One of the most intriguing sections of the rather elaborate Hittite Law Code is its conclusion, a group of some fifteen clauses dealing with various sexual mores and prohibitions. They provide a rare and most valuable glimpse into the Hittite system of moral thought and norms of social conduct, hence their relevance and importance to the current discussion.

I would like to express special gratitude to my dear wife, Ortal-Paz, for her unlimited encouragement and support, and particularly for her wise advice concerning the current paper.

Any remaining errors, however, are entirely my own.

Terminology of Sexual Genitalia Surprisingly, no specific term is known for designating the vagina. There appears to be, then, a stark contrast between an abundance of words and phrases denoting sexual intercourse and male genitalia on the one hand and a dearth of terms designating 3 See mainly Hoffner 79 and Puhvel Might it be an indication of social conservatism of a sort? Sometimes what is said is no more important than what is not said.

Or written. Terminology and Male Sexuality: Virility and Aggression versus Passivity Analyzing the etymologies and semantic contexts of certain terms may lend some insight into the prevailing concept of male sexuality. For example, Puhvel , n.

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This interpretation, if accepted, might point to the active role assumed by males during sexual relations by analogy with acts of casting and hitting. Another term worth mentioning in this respect is the verb wen-. Clearly, then, the term can have more than one distinct connotation in the legal and normative sense.

The difference in this case is functional, i. These socio-cultural implications can be deciphered by examining each term in its various contexts throughout the Laws. For this purpose several tables summarizing the occurrences of the key terms in the relevant laws are given below, followed by conclusions. Under each topic, the Hittite terms in question appear alphabetically.

The terms considered below, therefore, appear either in the protasis, where they are connected with the crime, or in the apodosis, where they are related to, or even define, the verdict. The relation between these two parts of the law becomes clearer by studying the terms characteristic to each.

The first category covers terms relating to the concept of sexual offence as addressed by the laws. All have been treated on numerous occasions by previous scholars, so the present section attempts to reveal their particular implications in their specific contexts in the laws relating to sexual matters.

Interestingly, in the laws pertaining to sexual matters this term appears exclusively in a negated form, i.

Undoubtedly, this term represented in the Hittite mind an exceptionally severe offence, which most probably led to execution, even in those laws where punishment is not explicitly mentioned. This assumption is based on the fact that in the laws relating to sexual matters the term is always associated with the two most obscene sexual vices in Hittite thought, incest and bestiality.

Kloekhorst , It thus clearly relates to the severe offence of incest.

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The reasons for the inflection of the verb in the medio-passive also remain obscure. Its attestations in the laws relating to sexual matters reveals that it is confined exclusively to the laws of incest, and in all four attestations the imperfective form -ske- is employed, the only verb relating to intercourse in the laws used in this manner. In these three cases, however, attenuating circumstances are detailed, due to which the act was not considered a felony.

The possible insinuation of multiple sexual encounters is significant for cases where otherwise the situation described might have involved a forbidden incestuous connotation e. The option of multiple encounters leaves open the possibility that they were not simultaneous. Admittedly, this suggestion is quite different than the customary translations of wen-, but it seems to fit well, as it reflects the involvement of one man with multiple female sexual partners. Again it should be noted, that this suggestion is restricted solely to the laws dealing with sexual topics.

Terminology, Verdict and Morality The next issues to be addressed relate to verdict and punishment on the one hand and morality and social ethics on the other as reflected in the diverse vocabulary of the laws.

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The tables above provided the data for evaluating the relation between a given term for a sexual act and its consequences. The laws of incest and kin relations are the only ones to make use of a variety of terms denoting sexual intercourse salik-, ses-, wasta-, wen- , whereas the laws relating to other sexual matters each employ a single specific term.

The reason behind this fact might be the difference between laws dealing with acts necessarily constituting a social vice adultery, rape and especially bestiality and those of lesser severity that on occasion did not even constitute a felony extended kin relations. None of these terms was arbitrarily chosen by the Hittite lawmakers, and each fulfilled a specific function. Though it is not always possible to distinguish among them and to fully comprehend their nuanced meanings, it is hoped that the current paper sheds more light on the context of their attestations within the limits of the Hittite laws pertaining to sexual matters, thereby contributing to an improved understanding of these laws.

Indeed, a true friend becomes known through love, behaviour, words and deeds. This paper, a study of words, attempts to reveal the love, behaviour and deeds of an ancient people in ancient times.

It is dedicated as a token of my appreciation to a man of love, behaviour, words and deeds. A man of true friendship. Bibliography Adams, J. The Latin Sexual Vocabulary. London: Duckworth. Alp, S. Anatolia 2, 1— Beckman, G. JCS 47, 22— Extraescolars dating for young people do serveis municipals. Entspannung fr die ganze Familie. Genieen Sie die auergewhnliche Lage in der Yahooo. Auf dem Heilsberger Hof finden Sie Ruhe und.

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