Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Steven J. Fleck, PhD, is an associate professor in health, exercise science, and sport management at the University of . Designing Resistance Training Programs, Fourth Edition, is a guide to developing individualized training programs for both serious athletes and fitness . In this text, two of the world's leading experts on strength training explore how to design scientifically based resistance training programs.

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A guide to developing individualized training programmes for both athletes and fitness enthusiasts. The book may also be used as an undergraduate textbook. Designing Resistance Training Programs, Third Edition, is a clear, readable, state-of-the-art guide to developing individualized training programs for both. This book is designed for strength training coaches, serious athletes who design their own resistance training programmes, and all scientists interested in.

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This data was collected during the off-season training of a highly successful team in a BCS conference with a number of NFL drafted players.

No component of preparation was left undocumented including sets, reps, percentages, target times, and performance testing data. His attention to detail, straightforward guidance, and unwavering integrity is evident in every one of the plus pages.

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This is the type of information that strength coaches covet and will flourish with. A must read for any coach beyond the over-simplification of athletic performance.

Words Win. Mark Watts Director of Education Elitefts. The best way to learn for me is to look at tried and true programming and dissect it.

There will not be site editions. Does the training book contain sample training programs?

We have six programs for novice, intermediate, and advanced-level bodybuilders and strength-focussed athletes. Does the nutrition book contain any actual example macro plans of real competitors?

What about meal plans? How do these books build on your and Youtube video series?

Great question. Consider those videos the cliff notes and highlight-reel version of these books, without the most recent research that has come out since they were originally recorded.

So while the books cover the same broad principles as the videos, they go into far greater levels of detail and cover more context and nuance. The books are around pages each.Let them get your desired body today!

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So while the books cover the same broad principles as the videos, they go into far greater levels of detail and cover more context and nuance. The workouts are progressable and can of course be repeated as many times as you want to.

If you want a program that has shown proven results with athletes then I highly recommend picking up this manual. The eBook will be delivered in the email when you order it.