tain scenery, Georgia has to be one of the most beautiful countries on earth. This is a GEORGIA ramblipetasga.ml GEORGIA •• Itineraries. HIGHLIGHTS. Download the Georgia eBook of Lonely Planet's Georgia, Armenia & Azerbaijan guidebook from Georgia, Armenia & Azerbaijan - Georgia (PDF Chapter). Georgia, Armenia Georgia, Armenia & . Images/ramblipetasga.ml lovely Tbilisi, including an excursion to the old Georgian capital Mtskheta.

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Georgia, Armenia & Azerbaijan - Azerbaijan (PDF Chapter) This is the Azerbaijan chapter from Lonely Planet's Georgia, Armenia & Azerbaijan guidebook. Your journey to Georgia & the Carolinas starts here. You'll find the tools to plan your adven-ture: where to go and when, how much to budget, plus in-depth info. Georgia, Armenia & Azerbaijan - Armenia (PDF Chapter) This is the Armenia chapter from Lonely Planet's Georgia, Armenia & Azerbaijan guidebook.

Backpacking Georgia week Itinerary 3 weeks: Best Outdoor Adventures This itinerary is for those who get the mountain fever like me and need to run straight to the hills! If your flight arrives in Kutaisi or Batumi, Svaneti is the logical first stop since all of the above is in Western Georgia. If you first arrive in Tbilisi, maybe head to Kazbegi first and then the Svaneti.

Trekking in the Caucasus Mountains is absolutely stunning! From there, most people find themselves slowly traveling east towards Ushguli. This is done in a number of ways, either by foot or motor vehicle.

Though these towns form a rough outline of the hiking area, some bold adventurers go beyond and cross into Racha or the Lower Caucasus. This is totally acceptable because you can walk just about anywhere in Georgia! Tbilisi is the starting point of this journey because it is the center of Georgian civilization. Walk around the city and absorb as much as possible. Enthusiasts may want to make a day trip out to Gareja Monastery — passing through sleepy Udabno — before moving on.

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From Tbilisi, head west towards the region of Samstkhe-Javakheti. Be sure to stop by the town of Gori along the way. Gori is the birthplace of Josef Stalin, and the man is still worshipped there to this day. Upon arriving in Samstkhe-Javakheti, staying either in Borjomi or Akhaltsikhe, you will have many opportunities to visit local landmarks.

Next stop is Kutaisi, the cultural rival of Tbilisi. Though smaller than Tbilisi, Kutaisi is equal in historical significance. Visit the local religious sites, like Gelati, Bagrati, and Motsameta, to get the full experience. Finally: a quick stop in Mestia gives travelers a chance to see some medieval relics. The guard towers, which protected the region from invading foreigners long ago, are hard to miss.

This museum contains some of the oldest artifacts in the Caucasus, and cannot be overlooked. Tbilisi is a wonderfully charming city, full of personality and history.

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Over the centuries, Tbilisi has been occupied by many foreign cultures, like the Turks, and Russia. Consequently, the city is, stylistically, a mishmash of all of them.

Make sure you visit the rustic and historic quarter of Old Tbilisi with its terraced neighborhoods and thermal baths. To find the perfect place to crash, check out our post on the best hostels in Tbilisi. For those looking for something more metropolitan: Tbilisi is full of modern architecture. When out on a walk, be sure to take a break in one of the many cafes for a glass of delicious wine! There are several wine producing regions in the country, but Kakheti has to be the most desirable.

The best part? Those wanting to stay in a more intimate setting would best stick to the small town of Signagi.

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Either will be full of charm and magic. Visitors to this area will arrive at the main village of Stepantsminda formally Kazbegi and from there have lots of adventurous opportunities. One must visit the famous Holy Trinity Church of Gergeti, a religious complex set wonderfully among the mountain scenery.

Local hikes are countless, and a trip to Gergeti Glacier or the valleys of Juta and Truso is highly recommended. Those wanting a panoramic view of Kazbek can book a local paragliding tour. Those looking for a more intimate experience with the mountain will learn that summiting it is actually a relatively simple task. The city has served as the capital of several former kingdoms and is full of culture and history.

Visitors can enjoy local attractions of the usual Georgian variety, like Bagrati Cathedral or the local marketplace, and at a considerably more relaxed pace than Tbilisi or Batumi. Be sure to travel outside of the city too because that is where some of the best experiences can be found.

Finally, outdoorsy types will find lots to do around Okatse Canyon and Sataplia Nature Reserve, from hiking to chasing waterfalls. Kutaisi is equal to Tbilisi in cultural and historical significance in every way.

Travelling south from Borjomi — a nice spa town, and home to the famous mineral water brand of the same name — the climate becomes more arid and the culture more Armenian.

The administrative capital of the region is Akhalsikhe and is a great place to explore. The ancient complex of Vardzia, carved out of a cliff face, is a must-see.

As always, I suggest visiting one of the local monasteries or castles during your stay. Like the tombs Minas Tirith…. Extensive pre-planning sections and in-depth coverage are combined with information and listings on history, culture, food, drink, shopping, nightlife and more. Take that small first step towards making your travel dreams come true. Choose just the chapters you want. PDF format only. See terms and view delivery times.

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Browse Videos. See All Countries. Cart Shopping Cart. Mobile Navigation.Here are a few other tips to keep in mind while using site Unlimited to download Lonely Planet travel guidebooks: You can only have 10 books at a time signed out. Virgin is among the brightest and most colour- ful in Georgia. Zugdidi capital of Georgia. BMI Map pp Most serve food from 9am or 10am tred on its cathedral. Georgia call for regional autonomy. From the snow-capped Caucasus mountains to its semitropical Black Sea coastline, Georgia abounds in natural variety.