I have made this PDF freely available as an example of a walk in my walking guides. This particular walk is taken from Volume 2 of my /18 guide - 'The San. Magazine and newspaper reviews of Rambling Roger's walks and guides for of magazine and newspaper articles about my walks and guides in PDF format. Description of other walks available in the Artenara area. The following 4 walks are all excellent walks that are not included in my two walking guides “Don't.

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Both Rambling Roger's Guides are available in Printed or PDF version. Also mentioned are the best attractions on each part of the island, both natural and. We highly recommend Rambling Roger's hiking guides if you fancy walking the island in your own Both guides are available as a PDF document or in print. All our walks are provided by the excellent Rambling Roger. To find out more about Roger please visit his site ramblipetasga.ml Have a look at our flickr page.

Home The Walks Publications. Publications Here is a small collection of magazine and newspaper articles about my walks and guides in PDF format.

Acrobat Reader can be freely downloaded from here: This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this website you agree and accept to their use. For more information please read our Privacy Policy. They are located off the north-western coast of mainland Africa Morocco and the Western Sahara. They are super experienced hiking guides.

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Or they can set you up with the best guidebook and maps for your independent hiking. The guidebook is self-published by Roger, available hard copy or PDF.

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You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. There is also a No. You start walking gently uphill on a concrete drive with a wooden signpost for the S 60 to Chira and Degollada del Dinero heading S. After a minute bear left, ignore the track on your right that heads down to a forestry house, shortly afterwards you step over a chain that keeps cars out of the forest.

After about 20 minutes keep on the forestry road as signposted. Continue on this forestry track through the forest for another 5 minutes, until you come to a sign posted junction on a left hand bend, this is Degollada del Dinero.

This will be your path for the next hour or so, enjoy the panoramic views down to the south coast. Take care as some of the descent is slightly unstable.

After about 50 minutes on this footpath you lose the views to your left. As you start to go uphill you begin to see the views over Chira and the village of Cercados de Araa.

After about 1 hour 10 minutes on this path you come to a T-junction, on your left. If you walk uphill to the left you will get even better views after about 10 minutes, but you must return the same way. Your route descends to the right here.

Ignore a footpath on your left marked with stone cairns. After another 5 minutes you come to a water house on your right. The main route continues downhill on the forestry road GPS 4a N 27 Continue following the forestry road West and downhill for about 15 minutes, until you come to a junction. Turn sharp right here still following the S 60 to Chira, head East and follow this forestry road for about 10 minutes until you come to an outward bound centre known as an Albergue on your left.

You turn left here as signposted S 60 to Soria, access to the Dam Wall is immediately on your left after some gates, walking time approx 40 minutes from GPS point 4. Always keep the Approx 2Km to pass the bar Vista Alegre on your right, then concrete water channel on your right, and rejoin the main route metres later at GPS point 7 continue until you reach a small dam wall.

On your right here there is a great picnic Picnic spot after crossing Dam Wall spot on top of a rocky outcrop. See photo opposite When refreshed return to the footpath, then bear left to cross beneath a small dam wall.

Lanzarote & Gran Canaria

GPS 5a N 27 Continue straight on N. In about 15 minutes from the picnic spot you reach a dirt road with some telegraph poles without wires. The S 60 to Soria continues almost straight on, you now leave the S It is about 25 minutes to here from GPS point 5. Continue on this dirt road for about 10 minutes until you see the stone built entrance to a footpath, with a Cabildo signpost, on your left. GPS 6a N 27 Take this rocky footpath near a wooden telegraph pole, 3 minutes later bear right at a fork, then after another 2 minutes cross the dirt road to continue on your rocky footpath, to head East.

GPS 6b N 27 As your bear North East you get great views back down to the reservoir at Chira and the village of Cercados de Araa. This rocky footpath again joins the dirt road at a junction, with a NoEntry sign on the track facing you, about 25 minutes from GPS point 6. Here you bear right S.

Walking the Camino De Santiago - Gran Canaria Forum

Follow this road in a N. Continue on the GC for about 10 minutes until you reach a corner where the road swings left and crosses the barranco at a small bridge, ignore a path just before the bridge.

Your footpath Cabildo signpost is immediately after the bridge on your right going uphill ahead of you, just over half an hour from the No-entry sign.

Vista Alegre is an alternative starting point for this walk. If you do start here you will be walking most of the ascent early in the day rather than at the end, however this does increase the driving time by about 15 minutes each way. GPS N 27 This route is currently being signposted as a local route the SL 2 to Cruz Grande.

After a few minutes bear left uphill onto a forestry track, then 5 minutes later take a signposted footpath bearing right, slightly downhill in a N. This clear path descends slightly and heads towards the barranco.

Follow this footpath through the forest, just over 5 minutes later passing 4 wooden crosses. You pass a water pumping house just over half an hour from GPS point 8. Continue on a dirt track you soon see a yellow house ahead of you. You turn right onto the camino real a few metres before a prohibited to pass sign GPS 8b N 27 Continue steeply up a few stone steps on the S 60, about 10 minutes later you will come to the GC 60, where you turn right to return to Cruz Grande.

This 5 hour 15 minute Grade 7. The initial ascent is steep but soon becomes more gradual, crossing a couple of small streams and a rock pool in Winter, you then walk on a forestry track for your lunch break.

After lunch there is one final steep ascent to a magnificent viewing point, then a walk on a super footpath with tremendous views to the coast and South, before you start to descend as the views change to the centre of the island, and then to the largest town on the West coast of the island, San Nicholas.

For the last hour or so you are again on a super footpath, unfortunately this path is in need of repair and is unstable in places.

This walk is only for experienced walkers without vertigo problems, but on a clear day is one of the best walks on the island, but should not be attempted after recent heavy rain. Your route on the map is in Blue. There is an option of extending this walk by 40 minutes to Mount Viso, see Section 6 for full details This walk needs the Global No.

Your ascent starts opposite the 3rd lay-by. The recommended option is to park your car at the junction of the GC and GC , known as Degollada de la Aldea, and catch the No 38 bus at The alternative is to park at Los Azulejos and time your walk to catch the number 38 bus at either If you miss the bus the other options are to hitch hike or walk approx 5Km back to your car.

There are a few taxis in La Aldea the number for the Taxi stand is or mobile Lower part of the Ascent The Isolated Farm You walk through an impressive entrance to continue through the car park with the restaurant on your left. We believe in recreational hiking.

After about 15 minutes on this Camino Real you come to a T junction. If you are part of a larger group I can recommend a local guide if you need one. View of Tirajanas Valley Approx walking time 3 hr 50 mins: The views South from this path are excellent.