What do you get when you cross America's Next Top Model with Lost? A brilliantly funny novel by the queen of teen satire, Libba beauty queens. Get Free Read & Download Files Beauty Queens Libba Bray PDF. BEAUTY QUEENS LIBBA BRAY. Download: Beauty Queens Libba Bray. BEAUTY QUEENS. Beauty Queens by Libba Bray. Read Beauty Queens online by Libba Bray in PDF EPub site and download other book formats.

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Beauty Queens by Libba Bray. YA Bray. “When a plane crash strands thirteen teen beauty contestants on a mysterious is- land, they struggle to survive, to get. About the book: Beauty Queens book. Author: Libba Bray. Publisher: Scholastic Paperbacks; Reprint edition. Publish date: (June 1, ). Editorial Reviews. Review. From bestselling, Printz Award-winning author Libba Bray comes the story of a plane of beauty pageant contestants that.

Beauty Queens

Top each cupcake with a maraschino cherry that has been laced with an organic hallucinogen. Take those cupcakes and dumb them down. Dumb them down again. One more time Okay, there you have it: the recipe for Libba Bray's Beauty Queens in cupcake form. Real review to be posted after the weekend. I want to make it clear, I don't hate Beauty Queens, nor do I like it.

It was okay, overall. I mean, sure, it did have it's moments. Not that Beauty Queens caused me to laugh out loud--because it didn't, especially not after the novelty of the "helpful" footnotes and commercial parodies wore off.

They were fun for the first few chapters, then they became an irritation. Also, I don't particularly care for Libba Bray's brand of satire. At times it was so overdone it only inspired sighs of frustration, eye-rolling and thoughts of, "that would have been funny if" or "that could have been more powerful if" from me.

I felt as though I was watching one of those really bad read: not funny movie parodies, like Dance Flick, or Epic Movie. Yes, at times Beauty Queens is that much of a punishment, and then some.

But that's not the worst part. My major problem has to do with the fact that Bray's story had a great foundation. What about it? All those rules and shalt nots.

They were no longer waiting for some arbitrary grade. They were no longer performing.

Beauty Queens

They were becoming. They were. Sure, it's all a little contrived, but still it's a great jumping off point. Instead of doing anything worthwhile with it, Bray took that idea and made it into a Very Special Episode of The Facts of Life, except way more condescending and a ba-zillion times more preachier--it's not like the main message Bray is pummeling her audience with is new.

Girlfriend is preaching to the choir the entire time. And at no point does this book challenge one to think. Beauty Queens thinks for you, because thinking is hard, y'all.

You wanna sell me on something? Give me a chance to think for myself.

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Show me both sides of the argument. Chalk this one up to a big, fat, disappointing fail.

The aim might have been satire, but I believe Beauty Queens misses the target completely. As far as I understand the style, satire is supposed to intelligently ridicule outrageous human behaviour by allowing readers to reach their own conclusions. However, the author basically masticates every single point she makes in the novel and the reader has to do no thinking whatsoever because all the ideas are presented on a silver platter.

But satire is not the only thing that the story tries to be. If only. I would actually propose that Beauty Queens is a much bigger mess than Thea hinted at. There is a side of satire of beauty contests, of reality TV and a dash of parody pirates!

Beauty Queens by Libba Bray - review

The Corporation! The bad dictator! And a Contemporary novel about important issues body image, female empowerment, sexual and racial diversity and with a VERY preachy yet worthy message at its core: to accept oneself. They have a past! They are real people! These flashbacks are clumsily incorporated into the story seriously, in one scene a girl is sinking into quicksand, and while another is trying to rescue her, she finds herself thinking about her past.

And that is not cool either.

Each of the main characters learn something about themselves and the world but in a very episodic, clumsy, detached and preachy way. A few examples follow, in chronological order. What makes a girl a girl? Great characterization aside, don't be fooled by the "chick lit" title: Granted, it all has a surrealist tinge to it, an idealism that's hard to truly get behind, but if escapism isn't the point of this book, then what is?

A gang of fantastic ladies kicking butt and becoming family in the process, realizing their potential beyond what their old world has to offer. And for a few hours, I got to live that fantasy too. I saw myself in Shanti's struggles with displacement and culture, in Jennifer's comic book habit and her exasperation with society, in Tiara's anxiety and silence. And when those girls reached beyond the label society had slapped on them and reached out to others—that showed me how great stories can be, how empowering media is when it's done right.

And this book is feminism at its best and most inclusive: It's satirical, sure, with some unbelievable lines and ridiculous situations meant to highlight the media's skewed expectations of young women, but it's also a funny and touching tale of friendship, a self-discovery story that turns cliches on their heads, and a very good book.

Read it! This review was first published on the member's blog:The 50 contestants in the Miss Teen Dream pageant thought this was going to be a fun trip to the beach, where they could parade in their state-appropriate costumes and compete in front of the cameras. With a chorus of cheerleaders in the background, spelling it out bodily.

The name of the character is Sosie Simmons. Like, damn. Present me with questions that don't necessarily have an easy answer. By the end of the book, they're best friends. How does this complicate the world on the island? There is adventure, mystery, and a dollop of romance. The main characters in this book are all beauty pageant competitors, but rest assured, they are strong feminist types, down to the take-charge Miss This book is the definition of satire and black humor.

She seems like the bad guy, but when she finds out that the rescue has been called off and the girls have been abandoned, she snaps.